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Size guide


All rings are offered in sizes small medium and large

Small - UK size J/K

Medium - UK size L/M

Large - UK size P/Q


If you require a different or specific size, please drop us a line prior to ordering at naomi@jagojewellery.com and we can usually accommodate this.


How do I know what ring size I am?

There are a few ways to work out your ring size or if you’re buying a gift some sneaky ways to find out someone else’s.

The best and most accurate way is to go to a jewellers and be measured properly. Most jewellers are happy to provide this service free of charge. If however you cant make it to a jewellers you can try these other methods.

Use string or a strip of paper:

  1. Take a piece of string or cut a thin strip of paper.

  2. Wrap string or paper securely around your chosen finger close to the knuckle. (Remember even if your finger is smaller at the base, the ring must still pass over your knuckle to be worn)

  3. Mark with a pen where the string or paper crosses over

  4. Lay the string or paper strip flat and measure it from end in millimeters - you now have your circumference

  5. Use the conversion chart below to find out your size.

If it's a surprise..

  1. Find a ring the recipient already wears

  2. Take a ruler and measure straight across the ring, inside edge to inside edge

  3. This measurement in millimeters gives you your diameter.

  4. Use the conversion chart below to find out the size.

Just remember this will only give you the size for the same finger they wear that particular ring on.

You can also find many printable ring sizers online which you can simply print out and place a ring on top to give you a measurement but BE CAREFUL - it's our personal experience that many are inaccurate and if the page is scaled up or down etc by your printer, it will give you a false reading.

A few things to consider…

Before you begin to take an accurate measurement, bear in mind each of your fingers most likely measure slightly differently from each other. The fingers on your dominant hand usually measure larger than the other so it's important you pick the finger you wish to wear the ring on. Upon measuring, consider that very hot hands will result in a larger measurement, so it's best to postpone measuring until your hands are an average temperature, or take a few measurements throughout the day.

If the ring you’re buying is very wide, you will most likely require a slightly larger size and equally if it is a very skinny ring, you may be able to wear a slightly smaller size. If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us and we can help!


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